These Terms and Conditions are to be used on small jobs under $20,000 or work/services and goods that don't fall under the Residential Building Work Contract Laws in Tasmania; for the purchase of products/goods such as furniture and delivery services.

The Terms and Conditions will be suitable in a Business to Business setting, for example:

·                For the purchase and supply of goods/products (such as furniture, bench tops, cabinetry, stone etc.).

·                Or a design service if less than $20,000, for example, an interior designer may wish to purchase plans from your business and have them made elsewhere and installed by their own contractors.  (ACFA offer a Technical Detail and Design Agreement Template which can be purchased in the Member Portal under Business Agreements & Home Building Contracts)

·                If issuing a business-to-business quote we would recommend providing terms and conditions to accompany the quote. (A Quote Template is available for ACFA Members to download in the Member Portal under Business Agreements & Home Building Contracts). The quote template is complimentary for ACFA Members.

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