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The agreement can be used when your business wishes to engage the services of a corporate contractor who will engage an individual person to perform the contracted services.

If you wish to engage a contractor who is not a corporate entity (for example, a sole trader, partnership etc or the corporate contractor will be engaging another corporation (rather than an individual person) to perform the contract services, the agreement will need to be amended. There are greater legal risks in contracting with non-corporate entities. As such, you should obtain specific legal advice from your accountant in relation to your specific requirements.

An independent contractor is a person (e.g. a sole trader or partnership) or entity (e.g. a corporation) conducting a business or undertaking. An independent contractor will be engaged to perform work under a contract for service.

Typically, independent contractors are engaged to achieve a specific result for a customer or client, as opposed to providing their labour to enable the principal to achieve a result. Independent contractors retain substantial control and direction over the work. 

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