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About GN OLSSON Mastercraftsmen gnolsson.com Brisbane, Gold Coast & Sunshine Coast

GN OLSSON MASTERCRAFTSMEN gnolsson.com Brisbane, Gold Coast & Sunshine Coast --- EST. 1983 -- SUPERLATIVE, UNIQUELY SUPERB DESIGNS & for earlier styles, we craft PERIOD or ANTIQUE REPRODUCTIONS incl Exact Replicas -- DESIGNER – We may design with you, be it a simple functional item, a showpiece, an artful masterpiece, or that built in or architectural feature that lifts your interior from ordinary to spectacular! We make traditionally handcrafted bespoke solid timber or cane furniture with your choice of style, dimension, materials & stained finish. https://www.gnolsson.com/uniquely-superb-design/ ---- OUR SERVICES https://www.gnolsson.com/services/ -- OUR FURNITURE SPECIALTIES https://www.gnolsson.com/furniture/ --PREMIUM RARE MATERIALS - Rare materials are sourced through our international networks. We work in sold timbers, veneers, cane, leather, fabrics, metal, glass and rare materials. --- SKILLED MASTERCRAFTSMEN IN RARE TRADES - https://www.gnolsson.com/mastercraftsman/ - We are traditional French Polishers who also colour match and touchup damaged polish. We undertake traditional upholstery and provide access to international Fabric and Leather Houses. COMMISSION US: ~ Furniture Maker ~ High End Cabinetmaker ~ Libraries and Built in Furniture https://www.gnolsson.com/bookcases-library/ ~ Intricate Joinery https://www.gnolsson.com/luxury-home-custom-timber-cabinet-joinery-architectural/ ~ Traditional Upholstery ~ French Polishing & Faux Finishers ~ Gilding ~ Leather embossing ~ Specialty Glazing ~ Cane ~ Metal ~ Stone & Marble. -- ACCREDITATIONS: https://www.gnolsson.com/accredited/ ----- 2021 ACFA Free Standing Furniture Finalist -- TRADITIONALLY CRAFTED, BESPOKE, UNIQUELY SUPERB DESIGNER FURNITURE https://www.gnolsson.com/uniquely-superb-design/ --- also REPRODUCTION AND REPLICA FURNITURE. --- We maximise versatility, value and longevity of your treasured, commissioned piece. --- TODAY’s INVESTMENTS … TOMORROW’S ANTIQUES/HEIRLOOMS!